Willy wants to defund the police.

Willy on a bridge over Minnehaha Creek
Portaging a canoe into Lake Hiawatha
Bike selfie

Defund the Police

I’m running for city council because the 12th Ward deserves a choice. After the murder of George Floyd, I fear the city council is retreating to white comfort and the “veto proof majority” is no longer dedicated to defunding the police.

I’m Learning

I have no illusion that I know everything about this job, about how to run a campaign, or about all the issues people care about. I am, however, committed to listening and learning.

Standing Up, and Stepping Aside

I didn’t see the candidate I wanted in this race, so I guess I’m standing up to be that person. But if another strong BIPOC candidate comes along dedicated to defunding the police, I’m happy to do the work to get them elected.