Issues, the 2 minute read

I’ll take some time to dig into more issues in depth as the campaign goes on, but here’s a quick infodump so you can get a sense of where I stand.

Defund the Police.

Defunding the police needs to happen and it needs to start now. There is no path forward with reform. Without consequences, the culture of policing in America will not change. I want the 12th ward to have a strong advocate for defunding and will continue to work towards a world without the need for policing.

Our Houseless Neighbors

Homelessness isn’t a new problem, but as the last few years have brought the reality into the the average person’s eye, the city has turned too often to policing and has not done enough to show it’s work in how it’s working to house people. Right now, we have a patchwork of services and people are working really hard to help people navigate the system, but we need to have a frank and honest conversation about what the gaps are that are preventing us from getting everyone into housing. How can we look to harm reduction and really work with people to find a way to serve them?

Affordable Housing Takes All Types

I support rent control. The city needs a diversity of housing options to really provide affordable housing. This includes accessory dwelling units, single room occupancy housing, boarding houses, and more. I support the inclusionary zoning efforts, but would advocate for spending any money paid in lieu to be spent within the same ward as the development to ensure that affordable housing is spread throughout the city.

Transportation is Not Just Cars

We are facing a climate crisis, and we can’t pretend self driving electric cars fix anything. Minneapolis needs to continue to invest in year round non-car transportation. At a bare minimum, the city needs to remove snow from bus stops and truly clear bike lanes. The city needs to treat sidewalks like first class transportation lanes and clear them as well. The city needs to work with MetroTransit to bring the system back to full schedules after this pandemic and improve headways on major routes.

Strong Mayor? No thanks.

You know how the Chief of Police reports solely to the mayor? How’d that work out for us? I’m not really keen on making the whole city work like that. At large elections in Minneapolis favor the richer whiter parts of the city. The ward system gives fairer representation to those traditionally left out of the electoral system.

Did I miss your issue? Let me know? Did I totally flub it? If you’ve got expertise, I’d love to learn more.