Issues, the 2 minute read

I’ll take some time to dig into more issues in depth as the campaign goes on, but here’s a quick infodump so you can get a sense of where I stand. Defund the Police. Defunding the police needs to happen and it needs to start now. There is no path forward with reform. Without consequences,… Continue reading Issues, the 2 minute read

Asian in America

What a week to choose to run for office. We mourn the deaths of six Asian women in Georgia, murdered by a misogynist racist. We reflect on the countless* assaults on our elders as some have stoked racial hate in the wake of a global pandemic. It’s a brutal reminder that we’ll never be seen… Continue reading Asian in America

another choice

I’ll admit to leaving assignments until the last minute. Here I am, writing this blog post right before the first deadline for the 2021 DFL caucus season. I kept hoping someone else with a commitment to defunding the police would run. I kept looking for someone the 12th ward could elect that would stand firm… Continue reading another choice